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The New Paradigm of Estate Planning

Start writing your client's EPIC

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EPIC Education and Marketing

Your first step is to learn about estate planning and prospect for new and existing clients. We have provided a number of tools for you and your clients' advisors:

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EPIC education
For advisors:

See other Minnesota Life and Securian Life estate
planning materials in the "Making life work for
estate planning" marketing campaign.

For consumers:
EPIC marketing and prospecting

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Initial EPIC Meeting

Step two starts with client engagement. Many advisors (especially those new to the estate planning market) are intimidated by approaching clients. The EPIC process helps you become more confident by providing questions to ask to determine your client's estate planning objectives. During the initial client meeting, the materials below help you accomplish your three goals:

1. Gather basic information

2. Listen to your client's estate planning objectives

3. Educate your client

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EPIC fact finder

The EPIC fact finder provides pertinent questions to ask your
client and help both of you determine your client's best course
of action. There are two fact finders available:

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Design and Implementation

After your initial client meeting, you refine the information gathered into the solutions that help meet the client's objectives. Which strategies will maximize your client's estate plan?

Once you identify the proper strategy, you can help your client make an informed decision.

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Primary Resources
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EPIC Educations Advisors
EPIC Educations Advisors
EPIC Educations Advisors
EPIC Educations Advisors
EPIC Educations Advisors

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For more information about EPIC, contact your Life Sales Support Team or visit your advisor website:


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