BOLD offers questionnaires to help you collect the information necessary to design strategies that address your clients' concerns and priorities. A key question on these questionnaires frames the course of action for your clients. Responses to each questionnaire will identify sales opportunities and guide you to the appropriate products and marketing.

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Strategies addressing personal concerns:

Retirement/Stepping back

Your clients' retirement strategies should reflect their vision for retirement: will they retire completely, or simply step back from actively managing their business? By limiting the amount of taxes business owners pay in retirement, they can potentially retire more comfortably and pass more wealth on to their heirs.

Estate planning

Traditional estate planning focuses on what happens to assets at a business owner's death. But estate planning also provides the opportunity to focus on assets while the owner is alive. A business-owner centered estate plan can maximize how business owners enjoy life today and in retirement, and also maximize the assets they pass on to their family.

Strategies for farmers and ranchers

Family Farm Strategy

Don't overlook the clients who feed the world. Address their needs with the BOLD Family Farm Strategy.


Strategies addressing business concerns:

Retirement plans

Retirement plans are central to employee retention and financial security. It's crucial that business owners' retirement plans complement their business objectives.

Executive compensation

Key employees make critical contributions to a company's profitability. Selective executive compensation benefits reward those employees most responsible for company growth and allow key employees to share in business accomplishments.

Key person protection

The death of a key employee could cause serious problems for a business, such as lost sales, lower earnings and loss of intellectual capital. The cost of hiring and training a replacement could negatively impact the business. Businesses need a strategy to help replace those costs and operate smoothly after losing a key employee.

Business succession

A business succession strategy is a key to a company's success and survival. Strategies such as buy-sell arrangements can successfully transfer a business interest on the business owners' terms.