Business Owner Life-stage Design

Your sales opportunities

You interact with them every day – on your way to work, at the gym or out on the town. Small business owners are everywhere – and they need your help.

Immediate concerns:
  • Growing their business

  • Retaining key people

  • Attracting top talent

Future needs:
  • Saving enough for retirement

  • Eventually selling the business for maximum value

  • Maximizing and efficiently transferring the value of their estate

Getting Started

BOLD starts with your client's current state of affairs and ends when the business owner exits the business.

Take Action

BOLD helps maximize sales

Securian has developed a turnkey marketing system, Business Owner Life-stage Design (BOLD), to address these needs and concerns. It offers what you need to help you succeed in the business owner market, including:

  • BOLD action steps to understand business owners' needs, guide you to solutions and present them to clients.

  • A life insurance-focused approach that also incorporates other products.

  • An integrated sales process offering support before, during and after the sale.

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